We have some very exciting news! We are now offering luxury cat boarding!

We know many of our adopters prefer to board their adopted fur babies with us and we can’t wait to see them again. Our diary will be open from 1st July 2022 so please make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!

What we provide

We can provide short and long-term boarding and your cat will be looked after by our caring and professionally trained staff. Cats are boarded in comfortable heated pens with plenty of things to do like large scratch towers and toys. We ensure that there is plenty of natural light and views to the outside through our large glazed windows.

Your cat will be fed on excellent quality meat and biscuits, groomed and socialised daily, and sleep in beds with soft and cosy blankets and bedding. We also look after health and sanitation with fresh litter in trays and we can administer medication if necessary.

Why book with us?

Enjoy the confidence and peace-of-mind knowing that your beloved cat is staying in a loving and familiar environment. They will be looked after by our professional animal lovers who will do everything to make your cat feel safe, happy and relaxed.

  • The price for one cat is £12 per night.
  • The price for two cats sharing is £20 per night.
  • The price for three cats sharing is £25 per night.
  • If you have a fourth cat sharing, it can stay with us for free!

You are welcome to view before boarding so please phone us on 07927 132113 for more information.