Alice & Cooper

Hi! I am Alice & Cooper

How old am I?

We are about 4 years old.

How did I get here?

We were straying for around 12 months and when we were advertised, no one claimed us. The person that was feeding us thinks that we came from the same house and was abandoned by our owner.


Other things you need to know

I, (Cooper) will come to you for food and will allow you to stroke my head while I am eating. Alice is extremely nervous and will not let you touch her at all! We are looking for a home together. We would be better as out door cats and would love a big, insulated and heated shed at the bottom of a big garden or small holding. We will bring all of our comfy beds and food and we would be very happy exploring the garden.


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To give a home to Alice & Cooper, please call us on 01253 760007.