Hi! I am Dino

How old am I?

About 3 years old

How did I get here?

I had been straying for about 2 years before I was brought into the Sanctuary.

Other things you need to know

I am a bit tatty looking but super cute and very friendly! I am very clever and I am being trained to jump through a hoop which is going very well. I just want to please people all the time as I know I will get food, treats and lots of cuddles. I love my semi long haired coat being brushed. The only slight problem with me is, I have FIV (Feline Aids). However, I am young, fit and healthy and cats can live normal healthy lives with FIV. I will need to be an indoor cat for the rest on my life. If you need any more information on FIV please give them a call at the Sanctuary.

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To give a home to Dino, please call us on 01253 760007.