Maoam & Haribo

Hi! I am Maoam & Haribo

How old am I?

I (Maoam) am 1 year old. My dad Haribo is 2 years old.

How did I get here?

So, our owner started off with one cat, my mum. She got out and got pregnant and gave birth to Haribo. Haribo mated with my mum, yes his mum (oh dear) and they made me. Our owner can no longer care for us, so signed us over to Cats Paws.


Other things you need to know

Me and my dad have a very good bond so we need to be re-homed together.

We are super friendly. However, I can be a little scared with loud noises.

We would probably be ok with a dog as long as your dog gets on with cats, but we may get a little territorial if there was another cat in the house.


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To give a home to Maoam & Haribo, please call us on 01253 760007.