Sooty & Sassy

Hi! I am Sooty & Sassy

How old am I?

2 years old

How did I get here?

Sooty and Sassy were brought into the Sanctuary when their owner passes away in November 2021.

Other things you need to know

They are very nervous cats and are extremely independent. They do cuddle up to each other to sleep and rely on each others company. They also have sensitive stomachs and are on a special diet, (Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Biscuits). The food helps to keep their stools firm. Sooty and Sassy need a quiet, calm home where they can do as they please. In time, they may gain enough confidence to sit at the side of you and may tolerate being stroked.

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To give a home to Sooty & Sassy, please call us on 01253 760007.