Look who's happy now

When we take in cats, it is our mission to make sure they end up with caring new owners who will give them the love and life that they deserve. We like to follow up on adoptions and see how our cats are getting along.

If you have adopted a cat from us, please send us a photo and little update to our email address and we will add your cat to our success stories.

John & Edward

This is John & Edward who were re-homed last year. They were such sweet, loving boys but got over looked quite a lot because of their age and colour. It is great to see them so happy in their new home and we wanted to share their update with you...

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We just love these kind of updates....

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This is Anna. She was born at the sanctuary on 10/10/2017 and was adopted at 9 weeks old. Her lovely owner has always kept in touch with some lovely photos and updates and we wanted to share the latest with you. 

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This is Midna. She was brought into the sanctuary in February 2018 after she had been straying for quite a while. She was adopted 4 weeks later. We have just received this lovely update. This makes us sooo happy.

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Snowy was brought into the sanctuary in September 2020 after being badly neglected. Her fur was all matted and it was like sheering a sheep when he clipped the matted fur off. She was extremely under weight and had a very bad case of cat flu. We was told Snowy was 20 years old but remarkably she had no serious health problems. 

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Here is Frosty. He is an older cat who was signed over to us by his owner as she could no longer care for him.  He was re-homed in May 2021 and settled in very well to his new "furever" home.

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This is Lollipop she was brought into the sanctuary when she was just a few weeks old. She was very snotty and her eyes were very sore too. After a course of antibiotics and lots of love and good food, she recovered very well. In March 2021 a lovely gentleman adopted her and she settled into her new home straight away. 

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Willow & Martigan

This is Willow & Martigan. They were re-homed in April 2021. Their new mummy and daddy fell in love with them straight away and the cats are extremely spoilt.

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Theo was re-homed in April 2021 and here is an update from his new mum.

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This is Lucifer. When he was at the sanctuary he was showing lots of aggression towards us humans. We knew it was just a stress thing but also knew we would struggle to re-home him.

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This is Tigger who was adopted from us nearly 14 years ago.
He looks fantastic for his age and is obviously extremely loved and a very happy cat. We just love updates like this....

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This is Kitty. She came into the Sanctuary with her three new born kittens. She was extremely protective of them and she would attack us humans whenever we went near her or her babies. Her babies have now been re-homed and we had to find Kitty an extra special home as she can still be a little unpredictable.  

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Jamie came into the Sanctuary after being badly neglected and had cat flu. This is Jamie after one week of being in his new "forever" home. The first few days he was very shy and hid under the bed. Jamie loves his treats so we told his new mum and dad to try and tempt him out with Dreamies and it worked.

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This is Ziggy, one of five kittens we had to hand-rear. He was adopted by a lovely family who adore him so much. He settled in straight away and made the sofa his favourite place.

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Shep came into the Sanctuary after being a stray for a while. She settled into her new home immediately and this is what her new mum had to say.
“Shep has settled in very well already. Think this is going to be her spot! 😊 Thank you for all her lovely things, she is very kind and loving. X”.

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This is the beautiful Morticia who now goes by the name of Lola.

She went to her new, beautiful home and immediately took over the place.

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George had been at the sanctuary for just over 1 year. We were struggling to find him the perfect home as he has a neurological lesion which causes him to have seizures. We managed to find him the purrrrrect home and this was him just a few days after going to his new home. Since going to his new home he has done lots of exploring and is settling in great.

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This is Buffy. She is 16 years old and went to her new, lovely, forever home and settled in straight away. As you can see, she is one very happy cat and has found a great spot to sunbathe. Her new mum and dad are amazing people and we really appreciate them giving an older cat a home.

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